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Myanmar fintech secures additional capital for its Series A round

Yangon financing platform Daung Capital raises capital for ongoing Series A round

Singapore VC Majuven backs Myanmar-focused Daung Capital’s Series A

Myanmar-based micro-credit Daung Capital raises funding from Singaporean VC Majuven

E-commerce startup Get acquires Daung Capital to provide one-stop fintech solutions to Myanmar's micro-entrepreneurs

Burmese digital commerce startup Get acquires local fintech Daung Capital

Mercy Corps teams up with tech startups to give farmers a fillip in Myanmar

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Startup Frontiers: Myanmar Episode 1

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Startup Frontiers: Myanmar Episode 3

Mike Than Tun Win
Turning 1st world problem into 3rd world opportunity

Our Leaders Spotlight

Mike Than Tun Win

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

– More than 10 years in multiple diverse prominent Burmese businesses

– Nanyang Technological University, B.A. in Business

– Founder of Less Walk Movement

Travel, petrochemicals, online shopping, charity, food and more… you name it and Mike Than Tun Win has a finger in that particular slice of pie.

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Bike sharing has failed in many countries including Singapore.

What's left behind are piles of bicycles. Some are new and undeployed, while others are broken or missing some parts.

Mike Than Tun Win, 33, decided to give them a new lease of life.

Most people who see piles of junked or abandoned bike-share rides simply tut-tut and walk past blaming the local authorities for the mess. One public spirited Burmese man has taken a different approach: he is shipping them to countries in desperate need of transport for low income students.

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Mike Than Tun Win, 33, founder of FlyMya.com, a platform for booking domestic airline tickets, tour packages and hotel rooms, knows a thing or two about technology and making it work in Myanmar.

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When bicycle-sharing company oBike pulled out of Singapore abruptly last year, leaving the city with unattended bicycles rusting away in parks and public spaces, Myanmar entrepreneur Mike Than Tun Win saw the perfect opportunity to turn trash into treasure.

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When you think of Myanmar, you may not think of digital marketing. But the country is quickly going online. In fact, Myanmar has more than 39 million internet users, up from two million in 2014. Combine that with the country’s emerging tourism industry and you have a market bursting with opportunities for travel companies.

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Leon Qiu

Co-Founder & CEO

– 9 years in Private Banking and Risk management

– Singapore Management University, B.S. in Business, 2007

– Singapore Management University, M.S in Wealth Management, 2013

– Singapore Management University, PhD Candidate , 2019

– Impact Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 recipient

Get All is a finalist at this years prestigious Emerging Enterprise competition.


We remain committed to combating income inequality. We know our target market, we have the technology to deploy, the team to execute and most importantly the mindset of inclusive innovation.


The business of getting people out of poverty is tough. It forces you to rethink fundamental economics and focus on what really benefits the people on the ground. We continue to be for profit, but compete in areas where there is a large social impact by-product.

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The movie Crazy Rich Asians portrayed how the ultra-rich in Singapore lived, worked and played.  What is it like to engage with this well-heeled demographic on a daily basis? Leon Qiu, 33, who has at his peak, managed more than USD120 million in private wealth, sheds light on his experiences. He describes himself as a rebel at heart and that he “may not have been the brightest crayon in the box, but I compensated with incredible responsiveness to client calls”.

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Leon Qiu hails from Singapore, but he runs one of Myanmar's most dynamic new tech startups. It's a turn of events that seems to surprise even Qiu himself.

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Myanmar has been grappling with poverty for decades. The country was classified as a “least developed country” by the United Nations in 1987 and remains so now. In 2015, the World Bank estimated Myanmar’s poverty rate to be 32%.

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We speak to Leon Qiu, founder of Daung Capital, a microfinance company based in Myanmar providing credit services offered to the working class of Myanmar that are currently too expensive and inconvenient. They believe with proper access to credit, the people of Myanmar can affect their own economy so much so that they will move from an impoverished state to a thriving future.

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After spending nine years in private banking managing a USD120 million portfolio, Leon Qiu decided to call it quits. He is now founder and CEO of Daung Capital, a microfinance company actively working to break the poverty cycle in Myanmar. 33-year-old Leon also recently authored and published a children’s book inspired by his four-year-old son. This ‘rebel with a cause’ takes us — and little Jude — on a wild ride through life, Yangon, and his unconventional parenting style.

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Leon Qiu is the founder of Daung Capital, a financial service provider empowering the working class of Myanmar. Daung Capital was one of SMU IIE's incubatees and was acquired by GET All Myanmar early this year and Leon currently acts as its CEO.

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We invited three distinguished guests, Madanjit Singh, Vincent Toong and Leon Qiu on stage to share on how undergraduates should differentiate themselves from each other and also tips to find their purpose in the working world.

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SMU alumnus Leon Qiu has been named Impact Entrepreneur of the Year at the National Youth Entrepreneurship Awards organised by the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), a national private sector-led organisation established to drive entrepreneurship and innovation in Singapore.

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Sheriel Chia

Chief Risk Officer

SMU Accountancy alumna Sheriel Chia decided to uproot herself and start a fresh career in Myanmar. She wanted to expand her horizons and pursue a career on an off-beaten path, and the prospect of working in a startup in Myanmar proved irresistible. Sheriel is currently Chief Risk Officer at Get All Myanmar.Co. Read her story below.

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